Memory Of Broken Things

It is an abiding fact of human nature that we are shaped by the place we call home. My home is Amsterdam in the Mohawk Valley of Upstate New York. The stories in this collection are about that home, and the common folks of a time now long past. The characters are mill hands, shopkeepers, railroad workers, the credulous youths, and feckless dreamers who made up the core of life in such small towns during the first half of the twentieth century. Their stories are rich tapestries of hope and despair set against the intimate natural beauty of the Valley.


Joe Jackson

Author of "Atlantic Fever: Lindbergh, His Competitors and the Race to Cross the Atlantic"

Dave Northrup's The Memory of Broken Things is an expertly crafted narrative gem. It reminds me of Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio, or William Kennedy's Albany cycle, literary landscapes where "place" itself is both a psychological force and a character. Northrup's portrayal of life in Amsterdam and the Mohawk Valley is a geography of despair, a place that has gone from prosperity to hard times in a heartbeat, and his characters struggle to find meaning in this new world.

Some find redemption, some do not, but even for the lucky that redemptive moment is too brief. If discovered, it is barely understood. It is easy to say that this is a portrayal of the harsh realities of American life, but more than that, these stories echo the harrowing truth of what it means to live amidst mystery and change.

Bob Cudmore

Author of the history book, "Stories from the Mohawk Valley"

Dave Northrup's The Memory Of Broken Things has memorable, absorbing and honest stories from the Mohawk Valley about angry drunks, hopeful losers and the lives we have lived. Read it and remember.

Adele (Steiner) Brown

Author of "Freshwater Pearls", "The Moon Lighting", and "Look Ma, "Hands" on Poetry"

Broken things have sharp edges that cut deep and leave lasting impressions. Through the characters and stories in his new book, Dave Northrup holds them up to the light and brings life to a forgotten age with poetry and grace.