The Mohawk Valley

In his Foreward to The Mohawk Valley, Hugh P. Donlon recognizes the fact that this region's history has been well-documented both in "extensive compilations" too long for the "average reader" and in shorter "pamphlets chiefly concerned with a particular event or section of the valley." His goal is different. He wants to write a history accessible to the common reader. He wants to produce not only " an historical narrative [giving] the essentials of discovery, development, and progress" but also present tales that would "afford an incentive for more detailed study" of important places and events of his native region.

Donlon saw himself as the essential storyteller. The setting of his tale is a valley whose, "forests and streams, hills and dales and fertile flats along the river make a great symphony of nature to accompany the unfolding scene[s] of life" of the historical characters he describes. All those stories taken together become his history of the Mohawk Valley.

Hugh Donlon's history is an eloquent statement of the connections between individual experience and the broad movements of human history. It is in recognition of this special quality of the work that The Mohawk Valley is now published for the first time.

- Dave Northrup


A Podcast of author's interview with Bob Cudmore about The Mohawk Valley may be heard by using the following link and scrolling to "Audio Archives" for September 4, 2015.

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